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Friendly inter-club match from 7pm to 9pm.  All players MUST arrive by 7pm to keep us on schedule.  INTENSITY team of 8 players (3.7+ rating) will play similarly rated players from SquashRx.

Description Price
Match fee payable to SquashRx $20

REGISTRATION: Spaces are limited and INTENSITY reserves the right to not accept a registration. INTENSITY makes every effort to ensure that programs run to schedule but reserves the right to re-schedule in the event of insufficient sign-ups or events beyond the club’s control. Refunds are not issued.

LIABILITY WAIVER: Due to the nature of the sport injuries can occur, Registrant acknowledges the risks and waives INTENSITY of any liability for such.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellations must be in writing and will be accepted up to three days prior to November 26th for refund.

REFUNDS: Refunds are NOT offered and registrant agrees to make payment in full for all registered programs. Registrant agrees to pay INTENSITY reasonable attorney’s fees and costs in connection with collection of any amounts owed.

VIDEO / PHOTOGRAPHY: The club uses video/photography as a teaching tool during lessons, clinics and matches and for marketing purposes. Registrant confirms that they are aware of this and gives permission for its use.

Registered INTENSITY Players

NameUS Squash Rating
Arvin Krishnan
Selected Rating: 5 (3.7 min / 6 max)
Manu Krishnan
Selected Rating: 4.7 (3.7 min / 6 max)
Ken Zimmerman
Selected Rating: 4.6 (3.7 min / 6 max)
Rebecca Schachter
Selected Rating: 4.5 (3.7 min / 6 max)
Brian McCloskey
Selected Rating: 4.1 (3.7 min / 6 max)
Oliver Grodman
Selected Rating: 4.1 (3.7 min / 6 max)
Samuel Rasmussen
Selected Rating: 3.9 (3.7 min / 6 max)
John Morales
Selected Rating: 3.9 (3.7 min / 6 max)


Selected Rating: 3.7

Please email Mohsin or call 203.853.7727 x3 with any questions.

Need more information?

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