You don’t have to be a seasoned athlete to enjoy the benefits of personal training. A personal trainer will save you time, frustration and pain on the journey to achieving your health and fitness goals. Working 1-on-1 with our staff of certified personal trainers will give you a customized, highly efficient and productive workout.


We pair you with a trainer to match your passions and personality who will custom design a program to achieve your unique goals and then provide the encouragement and motivation to get the results you want.


Your journey begins with an initial 1-hour fitness assessment which gives you and your trainer an in-depth understanding of your body’s functional capabilities and limitations, some of which you will be aware of and others will surprise you. This baseline data is combined with information about your lifestyle to build a realistic and achievable program that is specific to your body and your goals.

Why should I commit to personal training?

Our trainers will:

  1. Keep you accountable for committing to an exercise regimen each week
  2. Keep you motivated
  3. Assist in setting realistic and attainable personalized goals
  4. Design a customized workout program that meets your personalized goals
  5. Select appropriate body fat percentage for you
  6. Assure and enforce proper form/technique for maximum results and injury prevention
  7. Change up your program to ensure you do not plateau and do not get bored