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Pickleball & Tournament Coordinator

Nancy was a ranked junior in the Eastern Section and trained at Port Washington Tennis Academy alongside Mary Carrillo, the McEnroe brothers, Vitas Gerulaitis and other greats. Her father, an accomplished player himself, played an integral role in Nancy’s tennis career. While living part time in Pompano Beach, Florida as a junior, Nancy was coached for 13 years by Ian Laver. Nancy was selected to play Junior Wightman Cup, for the Eastern section as a junior. Lally played college tennis for Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana. Nancy coached the Staples High School Girls Varsity Tennis Team, Westport, Connecticut, from 1985-1994. Nancy played and captained USTA 4.5 Women’s League Tennis for many years, and began coaching full time in 1981. In 2009, Nancy was ranked #39 in the Womens 50’s Singles, Nationally.

A USPTA member for 35 years, Lally is also a member of the Wilson Advisory Ambassador Staff since the early 1990s. Passionate for helping to grow this sport, Nancy has been a member of the USPTA New England Board of Directors, 2018-2021, USTA CT Board of Directors, 2021-2023, USPTA NE Council, 2021-2023 as well as currently serving on the International Tennis Hall of Fame NE Awards Committee. She is a contributing writer for USPTA New England’s tennis publication, The Yankee Prose.