Herman’s Body Design System: Workout Moves with “Flavor”

Now is the time to face your body concerns and open up your mindset to fitness where it's just not about physical fitness or mental toughness, but shift to a mindset where you give up doing every thing that might not be good for your own body and mind and you GIVE IT UP to the newest concept in designing your body to look it's best all year long! What I'm talking about are body designing exercises that are created to make our bodies look hot and beautiful all year long! I am a Body Designer who knows the exercises to do not just to build muscles or lose weight, but also the exercises that will strengthen your mind and lift your spirits. The actual EXPERIENCE in my classes is an important factor of my Designing System. One of the key elements to creating this positive energy is the mix of popular dance music and remixes. My system is highly influenced the beat of the music. Music helps create the experience! Music helps create new moves! Music is used in fashion shows to create the vibe. Music is the missing link in fitness today... Check out some snapshots of my classes below, and stay tuned for a video montage of all of my classes so I can show you what its really all about! - Herman Want to join in on the action? Check out Herman's Body Design System schedule here and get moving today!