What it Means To Be Fit

“I want to look toned. I want to look fit.” I probably heard this statement 1000 times while setting goals with clients. You may look fit but are you fit? What does being fit mean? To be fit is to demonstrate power output across as many skills and tasks as possible. If you can take classes back to back but can’t row 1000m without feeling like you’re having a heart attack or you can’t do full range of motion push ups, you have a hole in your fitness. Training different skills like strength, flexibility, speed, coordination and balance is important because these skills are required on a daily basis. Playing tennis, running around with your kids, grocery shopping, hiking on the weekend are all examples of how you can use your fitness. Increased fitness helps with injury prevention, bone density, better cardiovascular capacity, greater body composition and more. Lifting 3lb dumbbells and doing some cardio twice a week just won’t do it. It’s not enough. You need variety, progression and structure. Come try and test your fitness with me, I will help you reach your goals and get you the body you've always wanted. You can schedule an assessment emailing me here. Don’t just look fit. Be fit.