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Eating Healthy Over the Holidays

First of all happy thanksgiving!! :)) I Hope all of you enjoy the precious moments with your family and friends, celebrate the season of thanks and giving with lots of happiness and food!! Oooh yes!! lots of food. Did you know the average American gains 12 pounds over the holidays? Scary huh? So you don’t become part of that statistic, I`m going share a delicious, and very healthy solution that may help you stay in shape. No its not some secret from the Tibetan mountainside, or some Brazilian rain forest roots. It’s as simple as eating soup! Adding a soup before your meal can reduce your total intake by up to 20%. That means if you eat 1 pound (16oz) of food, you would "save" 3.2oz of food. 3.2oz of sweet potato, have about 78 calories, not counting butter, olive oil, brown sugar, marshmallow, etc. 3.2oz of turkey, have about 180 calories, that`s without the gravy!! 3.2oz of stuffing have about 165 calories. Doesn't sound like much, and again, the chances of you overeating is still present but this is one little trick that has helped me save a ton of calories!! One of my favorite recipes is for Pureed Pumpkin Soup: Simply sauté onions, garlic, cumin and steamed or baked pumpkin cubes, then puree the mixture in a food processor, adding salt and pepper as desired. A delicious soup, rich in fiber and vitamin A and vitamin C. So have that one low calorie meal before you main meal, try to get into the gym for a workout, and definitely don't forget to celebrate!! Let me know how your soup came up, and I definitely would like to know different recipes, so share them!! [...]

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First Physique Competition

Start of my Fitness JourneyMy name is Jenser Gomes, I have been a personal trainer at INTENSITY for 2 years. I love my job and couldn't picture myself doing anything else besides health and wellness. I have always been an athlete and growing up I played soccer, swam, trained in Brazilian Jujitsu and of course lifted lots of weights. In this blog I plan to share some of my life experiences along with expert diet and exercise advice. In my first post, I am going to tell you about my first physique competition. I never thought I would do a physique competition, it’s just not me, even though I work out all the time I am a very shy person. Very rarely do I like to show my physique, especially in front of a room full of strangers. Hard to believe huh? But it’s true. At the time I was 165lbs, happy, eating whatever I wanted, and in good shape. Until one of the club members at INTENSITY asked if I thought she could compete in a physique competition. I looked at her, and been totally honest, told her she looked great, but needed to do some work. We started with an initial assessment and after some less than desired results she thought her dream may be too far out of reach. I persuaded her that her ideal physique was indeed attainable and to help her in her journey decided that I would compete as well. After that she became a client of mine and we start working together. This woman, Ellen Mahony, helped me overcome my fear of showing my physique. She has motivated and helped me though this journey; I`ll tell her story [...]

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