October 16th, 2014

3.5 Matches

First Match – Chelsea Piers – Blew Bayou (dork name):

Nancy Singles: Nancy played a tough singles match losing in the first set but coming back strong second set beating her player 6-4, they split sets and went to the tie breaker which we know is a crap shoot…good job Nancy and thank you for playing singles!

Theanne/PJ D1: Theanne and PJ had a good match against some fresh opponents who were tough on line calls and overall play. First match is always an adjustment thank you ladies for playing, next time you blow the ball by the blew bayou team!

Ronit/Liz D2: Liz told me after that the match that it was a tough one but the opponents were definitely beatable, some times we are on and sometimes we are not and that is all part of the game. I know Ronit and Liz as a team are hard to beat, Ronit gets everything back no matter what and Liz is a force to be reckoned with at the net and she is one of the best most accurate lobbers I know. I have no doubt that if they played this team again they would do some damage…I won’t use the blew bayou comment again.

Tina/Betty D3 Congrats Betty and Tina on your win! Betty’s first USTA 3.5 match too! WOOHOO! Nice clean up on court 3 with a 6-2 6-3 win! And Betty did tell me her opponents were actually nice! HEHE!

Thank you everyone who played in the match! I know we all want to win but having a good match and playing well is almost just as good! Next time we will BLOW out the BLEW Bayous…seriously that name is so lame.

On to the next match which was yesterday at Kings Highway against the Glam Slams (what is up with these names)!

Tina Singles: Tina, Tina, Tina, she swept her opponent on the singles court. That Glam slam wasn’t so glamourous after all! Nice win Tina 6-3 6-3!

Meegan/Heather D1: Heather and I had a really fun, competitive match. Our opponents were pretty consistent, good poachers and had pretty good strategy against us. We had long long rallies, good points were won and we went to deuce almost every game (one game we had at least 8 deuces). Heather and I put up a good fight but came short losing 4-6, 3-6..we had fun though!

Theanne/Jan D2: Theanne and Jan played some seriously tough opponents (I know one from the Oak Hills team). From what I saw from my court, there were good rallies and great net play but maybe couldn’t close out the point quick enough. Tough first set 0-6 but they came back second set and gave the glams a run for their money!

Malee/Lynne D3 This was Lynne’s first USTA match, thank you Lynne for playing! Same thing as on all the courts, tough opponents, strong rallies and net play. I am sure Malee did her sneaky down the line shot and Lynne is aggressive at the net and I know hit winners! I know one of the opponents you played is very good at the net and likes to poach but good come back 2nd set losing only by 2 games.

Thanks again everyone for playing, 1:30 can be a tough time to get to a match and home in time to pick up the kiddies. Everyone played well despite us losing the match overall. The Glam Slams were nice and they really did have good snacks!

On to the next match which is HOME on 10/29!

3.0 Matches

Great match last Wednesday against the seasoned (they did go to districts) Intensity All Set team (friday team). We may not have won the match but remember for a few of our players this was their first time playing in a USTA match against players with a lot of match experience.

Here is the recap of the match:

Laura K – Singles, Laura had a good match against Senta from the Friday team. I saw long rallys and a lot of patience on that court. Senta is very tall with a long wing span so it was hard to get anything by her. Laura tried her best and the score certainly does not reflect the level of play. Singles can be tricky, you are out there alone with nobody to bounce strategies off of and some times a player can really throw you. You could play that same person another day and crush them…it’s all part of the mind game of singles!

Ashley/Caroline D1: Ashley and Caroline had a great match against Sherri and Carol (the maniac at the net). It was fun to watch them play together and it really showed in the second set with a 6-1 win in that set! Great match and great win ladies! Oh and I am sure Carolines serves threw them for a loop..hehe!

Michele/Anna D2: Great match against Denise and Jess. You ladies had some long Rallies, good serving and fast net play on this court…it sometime is tough when you play against our other Intensity team but both of you play well and the match could have gone either way.

Tracy/Melissa D3: This was Melissa’s first USTA match, congrats on getting over the first match jitters! Good points/rallies on this court but you did play against typical D1/D2 players with a lot of match experience. I applaud your efforts ladies and you will get them next time!

All in all a good match against a strong and established team. Thank you to everyone who played!

Next match is away on 10/24!