Lasts week’s Grim Challenge was cancelled last minute. The Grim was due to be held at an Army Training ground in Aldershot, U.K. We believe the ground may have been required for some urgent Army training due to all the trouble going on in the world. Bit scary isn’t it!!

I did actually do some training for the Grim over the past few weeks. On the day of the Grim, instead of showing up in the wet & windy mud in Aldershot as planned, with my beautiful friend Danielle, I went for a run along the tow paths of the Thames River – my old stomping ground where I trained for many half marathons and the London marathon. On Saturday, I devised my own Grim!!

I ran for 5 minutes then I stopped and did 50 push-ups, 50 triceps dips and a 2 minute plank. I repeated this 10 times in all and then I sprinted home. It was a great workout which took me about an hour and a half door to door. Not too Grim!! Anyone want to join me next time? Maybe I’ll add it as a new class on the schedule?