I started taking Bodypump in London, at the Hogarth Health Club 18 years ago. I was addicted from the very first class (release 1).

I was in London a few weeks ago and walked into my old Sunday morning class with Dean – the same instructor from 18 years ago. He was as happy to see me as I was to see him. This past Sunday I was back in London and showed up at Dean’s class again – this time with 8 friends in tow! We rocked the class and everyone loved it! I have definitely converted some pumpers on the other side of the pond!!

The beauty of Bodypump is that you can show up at any club around the world (over 10,000 clubs) and pick up that barbell and know exactly what you are doing! The benefit of Bodypump is the quick results you see in the major muscle groups – improving muscle mass and bone density with around 100 reps to each track of music.

The music is always motivating and perfectly set to the choreography and the ability to add weight incrementally allows you to get stronger very quickly! And, you can burn around 600-700 calories in one class.