Playsight Video Analytics

INTENSITY was the first club in New England to offer PlaySight, a ground breaking video technology that will take your game to the next level with instant on and off-court feedback including shot speed, placement and height over net. Get your stats, watch yourself play and analyze your game, even from your phone or ipad!

Playsight automatically records, analyzes and uploads video and statistics to where you can review your performance and share it with your coach, friends and family. PlaySight is the ultimate coaching tool to substantially improve a players’ performance.

PlaySight Pricing

Activity Price
Private Lessons * $15 per person
Semi-Private Lessons * $10 per person
Open Court Time * $10 per person
Debrief with Professional: a personal video & analytical skills development review $50 for 30 minutes
* for these activities PlaySight is charged for each person who logs into their account during the session, the length of the session is not a factor.