INTENSITY was the first club in New England to offer PlaySight, a ground breaking video technology that will take your game to the next level with instant on and off-court feedback including shot speed, placement and height over net. Get your stats, watch yourself play and analyze your game, even from your phone or ipad! Best of all, there’s no more disputed line calls with PlaySight’s real-time line calling!

PlaySight automatically records, analyzes and uploads video and statistics to where you can review your performance and share it with your coach, friends and family. PlaySight is the ultimate coaching tool to substantially improve a players’ performance.

How does it work?

The Smart Court has 5 cameras and an on-court kiosk. The system utilises advanced image processing and analytical algorithms, to track the players and the ball as well as recording video. All this is done automatically and without using any gadgets or player add-ons, just play like you’re used to. The collected video and activity log is then processed, uploaded to the cloud and can be reviewed at the on-court kiosk or from any internet enabled device by logging into