Squash Re-Opening Rules

Social Distancing

  • Singles play only; 2 player max per court

  • Squash facility maximum occupancy of 8 people at any time (excluding staff)

  • Court reservations must be made in advance online, NO walk-in play allowed

  • Court bookings will be 45min, starting on the hour each hour between 7am and 8pm. The 15min gap after each booking is for players to exit and court cleaning.

  • Back to back bookings can be made by different family members in which case players do not have to come off court for the 15min gap and can continue play.

  • Private lessons available

Sanitization Measures

  • All members must wear masks into and out of the squash facility, and may only take them off while playing

  • Personal water bottles and towels are required.

  • There will be no showers, lockers, water fountain or towels provided

  • Players must bring or purchase their own ball and use exclusively each time.

  • No demo racquets will be available for hire.

  • Hand sanitizer will be available behind the courts and throughout the building

  • Bag/gear should be kept within the designated marked area behind your court

  • Members and staff will both help to sanitize squash court door handles before and after using the courts – disinfectant wipes or spray will be provided.

  • Following completion of play, players must exit the facility immediately through the fire exit behind court 2/3; no stretching/exercising, or spectating will be allowed – couches and chairs have been removed from the squash facility

Distancing and sanitization reminders will be posted around the facility for member awareness

Any suspected case of Covid-19 should be reported immediately to the director or owners confidentially, who will then follow the appropriate steps with local health officials

All members entering the Squash building do so under their own doing, we trust members will not play squash if they have, high fever or cough, muscle ache etc.