Project Description

Discover the fastest ways to sexy abs, a tighter butt, leaner sculpted arms, slimmer hips & thighs. Burn belly fat and banish cellulite forever! Raise your expectations and change your life with Herman Walker Body Design.

Give It Up:

Designed to strengthen, re-shape and beautify the muscle groups throughout the entire body using a body bar, hand weights as well as a stepper at a non-stop pace. Check it out!


Total carving and sculpting of the muscles throughout the body, using 2 pound hand and ankle weights while jogging on an air-bounder. Fun, fat-burning, muscle toning workout that is low impact with drastic results. Check it out!


Walker’s trademark kick boxing class. An intense sweat-pouring, butt-kicking, power-punching workout with flavor created for those who are serious about their bodies and are not afraid to GIVE IT UP!


The limited cardio day of the weekly system. Bootylicious is a total body workout that is fashioned with artistry and molding precision that is focused on sculpting your whole body.

Core Meltdown:

Herman uses a mixture of equipment and movements to keep your body guessing. Start your weekend right with this amazing class.

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In Studio Schedule
Livestream Schedule