Project Description

Sculpt, Strengthen & Transform

Born of the original Lotte Berk technique, our Barre Class is designed to sculpt and strengthen the body, defining the muscles and energizing the whole person.

This one hour, intense workout is a unique combination of strengthening and stretching movements. It creates strong, toned, and lifted muscles while helping to increase flexibility and prevent injury. While isolating each major muscle group and holding every position, we dig deeper into the muscle and develop strength and stamina; a discipline that trains both our mind and body to work together.

By maximizing our core strength, we create a foundation upon which our balance and posture reside. While targeting our glutes, thighs, arms and abs, the Barre’s unique integration of stretching and strengthening built into its routine slims and elongates our muscles, giving us that long, lean look. It shapes our bodies, enhances tone and dramatically increases flexibility.