Samantha Svendsen with her championship trophy!

Samantha Svedsen holding championship trophy!

Samantha Svendsen was the Champion of the Girls 12 and Under, Level 6 in Torrington, CT.

At Sacred Heart University in Farifield CT, we had an impressive FIVE Champions. William Dean in the Boys 12 and Under Level 7, James Adamini in the Boys 14 and Under Level 7, Andrew Mercorella in the Boys 16 and Under Level 7, Izzy Nesbett in the Girls 14 and Under Level 7 and Megan Brown in the Girls 16 and Under Level 7.

In the Boys and Girls 18 and Under Level 6, Seiji Hosokawa and Natalie Ivanov both finished in 2nd Place. And Dheven Duenwald was a semifinalist in the Boys 16 and Under Level 7.