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1 FREE 20-minute Introductory Consultation with Lisa Cummings where we talk about your goals and create an action plan to take charge of your weight, energy and health.

1 FREE one hour Fitness Evaluation where your body weight and body fat measurements will be taken and new goals will be set to achieve the results you are looking for.

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Plan Service Price
One-Hour Nutrition Breakthrough Outline a custom-designed action plan to take charge of your weight, energy and health. $150
3-Week Clean-Eating Program 3 – 45 Minute Phone Sessions Unlimited Text & E-Mail Support $375
Nutrition Counseling 5 Session Packages, 30 Minute Sessions (In-Person or Phone), 1 FREE 20-minute Nutrition Breakthrough Consultation $400
NewBody : 4-Week Plan 1 FREE 20-minute Nutrition Breakthrough Consultation, 1 FREE Fitness Evaluation, 8 Personal Training Sessions, 4 Nutrition Sessions $1,160
NewBody : 8-Week Plan 1 FREE 20-minute Nutrition Breakthrough Consultation, 1 FREE Fitness Evaluation, 16 Personal Training Sessions, 8 Nutrition Sessions $2,165

For me, the cleanse came at the right time, after the holidays, while hovering on a long plateau and bored with my diet. It was the perfect time to challenge my ever evolving healthy lifestyle. After 3 weeks I learned a bunch of new recipes (amen for the spiral zucchini pasta!), feel stronger in mind and body, no longer bloated, improved my sleep pattern, and have a ton more energy. Thank you Lisa and Clair for the support throughout the cleanse and for offering the opportunity!

Laura C, Leadership Consultant, IBM

I feel GREAT! I am down a size and full of energy.
I have always struggled with my weight. Working with Lisa has helped me understand the importance of the types of food I eat and crave.
Lisa and I worked on not only my goals of weight loss but she also helped me understand the importance of eating whole foods and addressing the the “whole me”. I feel GREAT! I am down a size and full of energy. I not only “know” but “feel” that my body is functioning at it’s optimum potential.

Amy M, New York City

“Clair and Lisa took what I thought would be an intimidating and very personal subject, my nutrition and health, and worked with me to develop a plan that I can consistently follow. There were no hard and fast rules. The nutrition program they came up with was tailored to my personal food likes and dislikes. Lisa patiently worked with me in developing a nutrition plan that works for me. I am so glad I changed my attitude towards food.”

Weston Resident

“The Clair Mason/Lisa Cummings Fitness/Nutrition combination is powerful. Within just two weeks, my weight declined to its lowest level in years. I have been able to make this progress while following the program for most but not all meals; the program works without needing total, 100% compliance. My only regret is that I didn’t take up the nutrition program earlier.”

Long-time INTENSITY member

“How can you value your health? Bills for hospital stays and procedures can easily run in the tens of thousands of dollars, if not more. For a small fraction of that amount, I make an investment in myself and feel I have significantly reduce my risk of serious sickness. It’s a no-brainer in terms of an investment. Plus, I feel so much better doing so.”

Fairfield County Investor, INTENSITY Member

Lisa Cummings is a holistic health and nutrition coach. She specializes in showing moms and their families that eating healthier, cleansing and living consciously is the key to truly living a sexy, happy life in a body you love.

She trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition accredited by SUNY Purchase College and Cornell University and is a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP). She completed her Advanced Detox Training Course with Natalia Rose, Clinical Nutritionist and author, to offer clients simple, fool proof ways to detox their body in their daily lives with flavor, style, fun and convenience.