Concentration, Motivation, Relaxation

Achieve your optimal competitive performance by mastering these mental skills.

Initial consultation: ½ hour on-court private followed by ½ hour player assessment questionnaire and consultation to assess current state and define future state goals.

Personal consult: personalized mental game analysis and monitoring. Using PlaySight® as a visual teaching tool we review positive and negative non-verbal body language and develop stage acting techniques “game face” and rituals “towel” as mental and emotional anchors in the high seas of competitive sport.

Tournament intervention: via phone if not in person, these consultations are aimed at resetting emotions and increasing confidence and awareness using breathing, relaxation, imagery and self-talk techniques.

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Description Single 8 Pack
1 hour initial consultation $125
½ hour personal consult / intervention $75 $540
1 hour personal consult / intervention $125 $900
1½ hour personal consult / intervention $185 $1,330

Nikola Milinkovic

Director of Sport Psychology Nikola Milinkovic has extensive experience with Mental Toughness Coaching & Sports Psychology with High Performance Juniors, ATP and WTA players across several countries, including the United States, the Netherlands and his home country Serbia. Nikola spent last [...]