My Leaner Body project has continued to fascinate not just me but other people. I’ve been sharing what I’ve been doing over the past few months with quite a few people.

My focus right now is on my butt – isn’t that every woman’s main focus when it comes to her body?

I have been doing some very specific butt training with one of the personal trainers at INTENSITY. If there was a way to take before and after butt measurements, I think we should have done it – for now I’ll settle for how my two sizes smaller jeans look and feel!

There are some very peculiar but very effective butt toning exercises. Many that I’ve never seen or heard of before!

One of the keys to obtaining a butt-lift non-surgically is training your butt intensely and attacking the glute muscles from all angles. One of my favorite butt training exercises is squats – I like to use a lot of weights and squat really low.

Interested in trying some of these butt exercises? Schedule a personal training session today by clicking here. If you’re new, the first ones on us!