When I first started out with my “Leaner Body Project” back in April, I signed up for semi private personal training sessions with Meline Bohrer, one of our head personal trainers, and with my friend Erika. I’ve lost 10lbs and Erika has lost 17lbs! We have also lost a high percentage of body fat due to leaner and more precise eating plans.

Training with Meline: This has been the key for me – Meline has me working a lot on the squat rack (for my butt) and last week I was able to squat 85lbs for 45 reps. She has pushed me harder and has me lifting more weight than ever before which has made me a lot stronger in all the other group exercise classes. Every training session is challenging and different and Meline makes sure we are doing everything correctly to get the maximum results. Some sessions we do a lot of lifting, others we do a lot of plyo work, others we are working as a team against each other (this is fun!!) and in other sessions it’s pure strength training, working to fatigue, until we drop! It’s always different and always satisfying. My food intake has been the biggest game changer of all. I’ll blog more about that in the coming weeks.

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