Wow! – Beautiful weather, NEON GLOW party, new songs, new dances, talk about a great weekend!
I want to thank everyone for coming out, showing support and sweating their bootys off with my good friend Hector and me at our annual NEON GLOW party! Lots of great pics at the photo booth, talk about memories. If you missed it, no worries. Next year will be even bigger! So start planning your outfits ;0)

Want more? Stay posted for our next event. A fundraiser for CT Challenge Sunday Nov 23rd. It’s a Great cause and yet another reason to celebrate and have a good time!

Also, I would like to start having Tuesday mornings classes be a request class. For you, by you. What do you think? You can let me know your request on FB. Top requests will get played! Head on over to our Facebook page to put a request in!

I also encourage you take a look at my weekly Zumba schedule and sign up for a class today! You can find it here!

Happy day everyone!