Varsity Quest focuses on the development of the player’s current stroke and looks to make incremental improvements with emphasis placed on high percentage tennis. Players get to understand why they lose matches as a key foundation for winning them. This is tennis camp for age 12-17 high school players and hopefuls led by INTENSITY’s world class coaching staff. It is a challenging, positive & competitive environment where players are pushed to reach their true potential.


Our staff of top coaches from around the globe bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to deliver a training program focused on the development of the complete player. Technique, strategy & tactics, physical and mental development are all addressed.


Players may have their strokes and game styles analyzed in a classroom setting under the guidance of our staff to make simple yet effective adjustments in their game during the week.


Physical Conditioning is a corner stone of the camp experience. All players’ physical development is overseen by a personal fitness coach who reports to the camp director. Fitness training is held in small group training sessions and in total accounts for between 45-60 minutes each day. The training is tennis specific and is led by our strength and conditioning coaches and certified trainers.


Players will get match play opportunities in both singles & doubles each week. Emphasis will be on adherence to their game styles, understanding tactics, reading situations and decision making under pressure. These are the key elements in the development of game sense.


this year’s camp will be held at INTENSITY’s indoor facility in Norwalk, on our 7 fully air conditioned USTA courts.

For more information call Elynne at (203) 853-7727 ext. 128
Varsity Quest Summer Camp, Ages 12-17, Intensity Tennis